Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Following a Blog - Day 2 Observation

John's last post, Blog Income Report got tons of comments people congratulating him and asking questions. It is good to see that John replies to comments and is active on his blog. I have been reading John's blog for a bit and he has said in an older post that he started the blog with the intention of posting at least once or twice a day, and he had held up. On November 4th there were two posts made by John. One was about how to copy and paste on a mac and pc. This was informative, but his other post interested me more.

The other post was titled, BlogRush May Be Dead But John Reese Still Living Large. In this post he explains that another successful internet marketer, by the name of John Reese, had suffered a $500,000 loss in the creation of his site The site did not take off like John Reese had hoped it would so the project, which was supposed to help drive traffic to bloggers' blogs, was terminated. John Chow urged readers not to worry as John Reese is more successful than him, apparently making $1million in 24 hours. John decided to post some pictures of his "friend" John Reese's car and house. All a can say is amazing! I must note that John also says something that gives him credit, in my eyes, as a business man. He states, "He tried and failed with BlogRush, but that’s what being an entrepreneur is all about. Better to try and fail then not try at all." This is what it's all about unfortunately not all of us have the finances to keep trying and failing.

Check out some pictures of the entreprenuer John Reese's house. This one looks like an idea room. Guess you just keep thinking of more ways to make money!

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Adam M. Bakhash said...

wow that room seems pretty intense but that probably why he is so good at what he does. organizing people and making great ideas.