Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Advancement of Communication Through the Internet

In today’s society the internet is used daily by millions of households across the world, and the number of users continues to grow. The fact the internet is changing and improving everyday makes it more and more desirable. You can now have conversations with other people around the world instantly, using text, audio, and even video. In terms of communication, how is this medium described, and what category would internet communication fit into?

The fact is that internet communication can fit into all communication categories. With the ability to communicate interpersonally or to an entire group, internet communication is in a class of its own. The information and material that is communicated can be sent to one person or millions across the world. Setting up a website, creates the ability to communicate with the world, as well as giving people the opportunity to respond with their opinions either to a whole group or to you personally. What makes this technology so advanced is the ability to communicate far distances with little or no problems at all.

In previous attempts at distant communication and even in current attempts, there are problems that can be analyzed and improved on. The major problems occur in the form of reliability, speed and distribution. From previous means of communicating to the ability we now have with internet communication, these problems are becoming less apparent. Internet communication over the past couple of years has become quicker, more reliable, and easier to distribute than ever before. With internet transmission speeds increasing daily and the number of paths packets can go down, your message is sure to get where it’s going and quick.

In recent times, many blogging sites have been created where your message can be distributed quickly and efficiently to an audience around the world. They are not hard to set up and within minutes you can commence communication. The ability to hyperlink is an innovative technology that allows you to link to other websites, pictures and videos. This improves the reliability of communication greatly. There is no longer the fear that you will be misunderstood when you say, “the house is awesome”. In the past people had to think of an awesome house. Today, you can show them the house.

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