Saturday, September 20, 2008

Usenet Experience Continues...

Just got my first email today from the NY Giants Usenet group. I expected to see more talk of tomorrows games, but I have actually encountered something totally different. It seems that there are a bunch of off-topic threads that have been started. One thread is a spam thread about online gambling. I kind of expected this, because a lot of people do bet on football or are a part of fantasy leagues so this would be a "good" place to post. The other threads I found amusing such as "I am begging everyone, PLEASE vote for the Palin/McCain ticket!" and "OT - Jessica Alba And Her Boobs Again ". The first guy gets flamed by other members of the group, and the second has yet to receive any response. I am guessing the poster didn't get flamed because they included OT in the title, which I am guessing stands for off-topic. That's what I've got for now; I'll be posting again tomorrow.

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